The Libertarian Argument for an Open Border Policy

For many people, including myself once upon a time, the concept of some illegal alien smuggling their illegal selves into our country to mow lawns and mooch welfare funds is cringeworthy. Some may even go so far as to spontaneously combust at just the very thought. This is AMERICA. AMERICA is for AMERICANS, no one else. If you were born somewhere else in the world and want to be an American, you have to go through the same painfully tedious and long initiation process that every single other legal American didn’t have to (cue sarcasm that’s hard to identify in text).

(I’ve probably turned 2/3 of you off completely, but please keep reading: as is the nature of a Libertarian, I’m trying to include something everyone can agree with.)

As Americans, we have a rich and fruitful history of a minority assimilating into (or taking over) a majority while facing battles, obstacles, and just plain unabashed unfairness along the way. Catholics, Jews, Blacks, Asians, even Irish People have all been subjected to institutionalized and blatant racism and discrimination. But they have overcome, and many of these cultures have enriched the American culture and lifestyle unequivocally. (JFK being the first Catholic President was a HUGE deal; Irish people around 1900 were labeled in newspapers as ‘white-negroes’ and ‘the scum alcoholics’ of America. I’m looking at you Bill “All Immigrants Are Bad and Illegal” O’Reilly)

So, here is my Libertarian-Based argument as it pertains to getting rid of borders.

The more different types and styles of ideas that make their way into our country, the more diversified and opportunity-laden our culture becomes.  The problem is not that immigrants move here to be lazy and mooch; the problem is that we have developed a system that ALLOWS people, immigrants and citizens alike, to take such relentlessly unforgiving advantage of a system designed to help people help themselves so they too could be wealthy enough to help others in the future. This privilege should not end where arbitrary lines in the sand are drawn. If you are a hard working, dedicated, and motivated person who even in the most remote capacity will have a positive net impact on society, figure out where I live and move into my neighborhood. If you have absolutely no intention of ever being an independent and worthy human being, who has Life but does not Live it, find your medicine cabinet and take all the pills. Immediately. Be sure to wash it down with the sugary diabetes-inducing soda you bought with your food stamps.

I consider myself a Utilitarian Libertarian: that is, I operate under the conditions of what will provide the Most Opportunities (key phrase) for the most number of people. Right now we have a system where 5% of welfare recipients absorb almost 90% of all welfare funds (including VA and Retirees!). That leaves 95% of the needy population with just over 10% of well-to-do funds coercively donated by honest, hard-working individuals.

Because of this, and the newly developed sentiment that the wealthy are totally funding the lives of the indigent therein, many wealthy Americans are emigrating to other countries in record numbers to avoid such shameless taxing (including Eduardo Severin, one of the founders of Facebook worth over a quarter billion. That’s Billion, with a ‘B’ [cue allusion to Breaking Bad].).

So let’s dismiss the idea of an iron-clad border patrol and abandon the welfare state as it currently exists. I think it should be a requirement that OVER THE COURSE OF YOUR 40+ YEAR WORKING LIFETIME you pay back what you have taken out of welfare funds, interest free. This DISCOURAGES the population of these lazy do-nothings from sneaking in or staying, while ENCOURAGING big businesses and entrepreneurs to set up shop in America without the threat of being taxed 110% for making too much money in order to pay for fruitless government programs that de facto do not contribute to the net quality of this great country (cue run-on sentence and last annoying parenthetical interjection of this post).

Let’s go back to 1950 for a second and learn a quick lesson about the Country that Could Have Been that Tried To Be… imagine an America the way the Wealthy Elite imagined it during that period: everyone being Protestant… Women having no rights…. Anything other than “a man and a woman doing missionary” was Satan’s work…. ahhhhh, America.

POST RANT: Just remember: Race is stupid. It is arbitrary. It is unhelpful. We are not part of the American Race, African Race, Christian or Muslim race, or anything of the nature. We are all, everyone who can read this and beyond, part of the Human Race. Until we realize that no one is inherently special because of who their parents were or where they were randomly born, the polarization of humanity will continue to flourish.


  1. Get rid of the welfare state first and then we’ll talk about open borders.

  2. Longhorn Mom says:

    Assisted a young lady get food stamps, medicaid, etc a couple of years ago in north Texas . . . the “agency” interviewed her over-the-phone and asked her if she was a citizen. No proof was required. None whatsoever. :-)

    Worked in a doctor’s office – asked a new patient for her medicaid form and photo identification (required by our surgical office), she gave me her medicaid form along with her State of Mexico photo id. She wasn’t scared at all that anyone would question the obsurdity of presenting the two forms together. We paid for her elective spine surgery. :-)

    I asked my state representative regarding the above to situations. He frustratingly told me that there is an unwritten rule (wink and nod) in Texas to let non-citizens slide and receive all benefits available — he said the Texas state policy was based on research that it was more efficient and less expensive to give them ALL benefits than allowing them to just present to the emergency room for healthcare and/or let their poor children starve.

    I agree with Tony L – no open borders until we get rid of welfare state AND don’t believe this BS coming from Marco Rubio about those allowed to come out of shadows (amnesty) will not qualify for welfare for seven years blah blah blah. Not in Texas. Welfare for all.

    Keep paying your taxes Longhorns! There are a lot of mouths to feed and shots to be given and surgeries to be provided in Texas.

  3. * An edit to my comment of “5% of welfare recipients absorb 90% of the welfare funds available”,

    Seton Family of Hospitals, one of the largest charity health care providers in this state, released a newsletter last month highlighting the fact that “One to Five percent of welfare recipients absorb 60% to 80% of available funds, respectively.”

    These are probably conservative estimates too, given the MO of the organization.