Items of Importance 2012- Gary Johnson comes to UT on his College Campus Tour

This past Monday, 9-24-12, Libertarian Longhorns hosted “The Rally for Job Opportunities and Diversity” to an energetic, wide-eyed and eager audience of eight hundred people, featuring keynote speaker and Libertarian Presidential hopeful Gary Johnson (as well as decorated Iraq War Veteran Derrick Marble, A representative from the LIBRE initiative (helping Latino and Hispanic communities prosper in the free market), Libertarian Senate Candidate John Jay Myers, and former Travis County Constable nominee Michael Cargill).

Gary Johnson

Johnson embarked on an ambitious 3 week, 15 stop college campus tour across the United States promoting his message of liberty, raising awareness of his party’s platform, and ultimately seeking to be rightfully included in the upcoming Presidential Nominee Debates. That being said, Johnson did not have time to waste. He said more in fifteen minutes than both of the other Presidential candidates did in their hour-long addresses at their respective National Conventions combined.

In case you missed it, here’s the run down:

Johnson did not fritter away his time artfully stringing together patriotic words and emotionally impactful phrases that, while provoking unconsidered applause from a blindly desperate voting bloc clinging to the fantasies of their party’s candidate, are completely meaningless. Johnson does not feel that talking for an hour without actually saying anything is a required qualifier in becoming president. No, Johnson hit the ground running, much like he intends to do with his Presidency and, in between bouts of roaring applause, shared his specific plans if he were elected President.


Obama says, “I am for civil liberties and freedom,” yet has sheepishly avoided enacting any significant legislation promoting these entitlements afforded to us by our Constitution. Nor does Obama offer any specific plans or intentions of promoting said values in the near future.

Gary Johnson says, “Legalize Marriage Now, Legalize and Tax Marijuana Now, and Severely Reduce the Foreign Occupancy In The 160 Countries We Have Stations In.”


Romney says, “We need welfare reform. Let’s get rid of it completely and, if you need money, ask your parents.”

Johnson says, “We need to promote personal responsibility, that way the welfare state as we know it would become obsolete.”


Johnson wants to downsize government spending, taxes, and the intrusion of government in state and social issues. Wasteful spending seen in the TSA and the Department of Education, for example, could easily be remedied by privatizing security companies (isn’t the TSA being free from competing with anyone a violation of our Democratic Capitalist ‘free market’ economic system?) as well as the education system, which would return the power to the teachers and parents rather than be oppressed by ‘one-size-fits-all’ government educational policies.

Gary reminded everyone that he is nationally recognized by critics and cohorts alike as being the most “Fiscally RESPONSIBLE and Socially TOLERANT Governor” when he was the R Governor for the D state of New Mexico (oh, I should probably mention he got re-elected for a second term too).

Recent national polls show Johnson polling 6% when also given the option of Obama, Romney, or N/A. That is an estimated TEN MILLION AMERICANS who have heard the message of liberty and have awaken from the deep sleep induced by the tyranny of our current two-party system.

You may ask yourself, “Well, if Johnson has all these great ideas, why have I never heard of him?” Here is a really simply answer: Johnson does not favor tax cuts that benefit the mega rich at the expense of further hurting the ultra poor. That being said, he does not advocate ludicrous levels of corporate welfare for giant companies like oil and pharmaceutical companies. As such, their powerful and affluent lobbyists do not donate millions to the Johnson campaign, as he does not believe making sure the rich stay rich no matter what is the role of the Leader of the Free World like Romney would like you to believe.

There is a reason Johnson is touring Universities- he recognizes it is the educated population that seeks factual information that will, without a shadow of a doubt, subscribe to his ideologies and platform once they become aware of the sincerity in his campaign. These educated people will surely assume positions of power over the course of their careers- at which time, politics will instead be funded by the dream of freedom and liberty that Johnson has tirelessly advocated rather than greed and crony capitalism.


Vote for Gary Johnson this coming election. Be a Libertarian One Time. If freedom and liberty don’t work out for you, I promise it won’t be hard to vote another career politician back into office.


Many other speakers from various other platforms also came to promote the Libertarian cause, such as Derrick Marble of the Iraq Veterans Against the War. Having served for 12 years, Marble provided grisly and inconvenient truths about our current warfare state. Delivering a speech to an audience so silent you could hear a Kleenex drop, he tells us exactly what the price of ‘freedom’ is, including the hidden costs the average American don’t see. Every single day, 18 American War Veterans commit suicide. Statistically, twice as many soldiers die from suicide than combat. Marble says, “if everyone who said they ‘support our troops’ actually listened to what the troops wanted, then they too want to get out of these wars as well, and Gary Johnson is the only Presidential candidate who hears the pleas of the Americans troops based on his proposed foreign policies.” He makes the firm distinction that supporting the war does NOT mean you support our troops (namely for the reason I just mentioned).


LIBRE, headquartered in Texas, operates to increase economic freedom and prosperity in the Hispanic community and, in doing so, boosting their socioeconomic standing. Spokeswoman Brittney Morrett talks about how Democratic policies are bad for the Hispanic community given the increase in burdens and debts it places on employers which has continued to strangulate the economic and job recovery over the last 36 months. We could adapt to Romney’s alternative of “don’t round them up and deport them, just make it virtually impossible to get any jobs so they’ll want to move back.” Or, we could promote the values LIBRE (in juxtaposition with Johnson’s free-market values) advocates of personal responsibility and accountability as well as providing relevant education for working Latinos and Hispanics. (for the full scope of their platform please visit


John Jay Myers, Libertarian Candidate for Senate, runs on three basic principles; 1) End the Wars 2) End Corporate Welfare and 3) Live as You See fit. So, I guess unless you like the idea of killing dozens of random civilians in Afghanistan, the idea that current tax laws and domestic spending patterns allow a rich person saves 9 dollars for every 1 dollar a person needs to feed their family, and complete strangers legally obligating you to live your life the way they want other people to live, then by all means vote for anyone else. It is, after all, a free country.


Michael Cargill is a Veteran who served for over a decade. He earned 16 various medals during his service while achieving the status in the U.S. Military as a General. Michael is also an advocate for entrepreneurship and personal responsibility especially when it comes to personal defense, all of which ideas consistent with those of the Libertarian Party.


So, how does one sum up what they heard during this 2 hour event? If a Libertarian gets put in charge, then…

1)   No unconstitutional wars

2)   No fiscally irresponsible and blatantly wasteful spending

3)   Parents and Teachers control the education system

4)   People no longer have to rely exclusively on government to make ends meet

5)   No one will tell you what you can put in your body

6)   No one will tell you who you are allowed to love

7)   The government will no longer turn a blind eye to tax loopholes that unequivocally and indisputably exacerbate the wealth disparity between the rich and poor

8)   Your freedoms will be preserve by a vote rather than a life

9)   20 cents of every dollar you make won’t be coercively absorbed by the government just to be fruitlessly pumped into failed social programs

10) The Fed will finally and rightfully receive a full and thorough auditing so we can see WHAT we are spending taxpayer money on AND WHY.


All that being said, why WOULDN’T you vote Libertarian? As they saying goes, “A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.”


It doesn’t have to just be a pipe dream. If everyone ‘wastes’ their vote promoting something they believe in, it makes the selected word choice of ‘waste’ seem pretty inane now doesn’t it?


Gary Johnson 2012.