Liberty Memes, Vol. I

Over the past couple months on the Libertarian Longhorns Facebook group, I have had the pleasure of creating liberty-themed “memes” that have generally proven to be popular. The Internet is by far one of the greatest examples of spontaneous order I can think of, and the culture it has created is incredibly unique. Through internet humor, myself and other libertarians have found a quick and easy outlet to make a mockery out of the institutions we despise and celebrate the people who champion our ideals. I thought I’d share some of them here so that a larger audience can enjoy them.

Godfather Mises Offers the Action Axiom

The Most Interesting Economist in the World

The Notorious H.O.P.


I also made some featuring Libertarian Longhorns members.

Daniel, the Extreme Libertarian, on Democracy

Norman, a.k.a. Philoso-Norm, Ponders Social Contract Theory


Enjoy these? Feel free to share these with your friends!

More memes will be shared in upcoming posts.