Spring 2012 Semester Updates

An incredible semester is about to begin this month. Between Libertarian Longhorns, Young Americans for Liberty, and two new groups, Youth for Ron Paul and UT Mises Circle, you will never have to worry about getting your next fix of liberty.

The weekly meetings for Libertarian Longhorns will be held on Thursday evenings from 7 – 8:30 PM in Garrison Hall (GAR) 2.112. They will start on January 26th. But, if you want more liberty, I encourage you to come at 6 PM in the same place for Youth for Ron Paul meetings and stay late for after meeting socials (most likely at Austin’s Pizza).

Upcoming topics for lecture and discussion at Libertarian Longhorns:
1/26 – “Libertarianism is Beautiful”
2/2 – Social Cooperation
2/9 – Corporatism vs. Capitalism
2/16 – For-Profit Charity

If economics is your game and praxeology is your method of choice because you know we can know a priori, come join the UT Mises Circle! We will focus on more in-depth economics topics and analysis with that Austrian perspective. I will update you as soon as possible when more information about meetings for the UT Mises Circle has been determined.

Get ready to Paul out, everyone!