The Libertarian Argument for an Open Border Policy


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to the RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!For many people, including myself once upon a time, the concept of some illegal alien smuggling their illegal selves into our country to mow lawns and mooch welfare funds is cringeworthy. Some may even go so far as to spontaneously […]

Students For Liberty Austin Regional Conference 2012


This past weekend, the fourth annual Students For Liberty Austin Regional Conference took place here at the University of Texas. Not only was it the largest one yet, with around 190 students in attendance (up from around 140 last year), but it also had some of the finest speakers in its history. Whether you weren’t […]

Hook The Vote Debate: LL vs. College Democrats


At the last minute the College Republicans ducked out of the Hook the Vote Debate and representatives from Libertarian Longhorns were happy to take their place. The Daily Texan wrote an article on the incident. It was a very strange debate indeed, because Libertarians are always pretty anti-war and the Democrats are presently not so anti-war anymore […]

Cody Wilson’s Philosophy Behind 3-D Printers


Both parts I and II are up on YouTube. Cody Wilson, a UT Law student,  talks about his philosophy behind his vision regarding 3D printers and offering free source code for gun printing on the internet at a Libertarian Longhorns meeting.  He has had a lot of interviews, but this is the only documentation where […]

2012- The Most Exciting and Promising Election Year In Libertarian History

Much to my dismay, Gary Johnson did not earn, erchem, get elected rather, the title of 45th Presidental of the United States. But I am extraordinarily enthused by the results of Tuesday’s election.   As of Wednesday morning, Johnson tallied up a little over 1.1 million popular votes. When all is said and all votes […]

The Democrats have joined the Republicans in Ditching Civil Liberties

My take on the Hook The Vote Debate appeared in The Daily Texan today: Even on campus, Democrats abandon civil liberties The Republicans don’t even try to act like they support peace and civil liberties. For many years, the Democrats did. But after the Hook the Vote debate last week between the University Democrats and the Libertarian Longhorns, […]

Hillary Clinton Pushes for Global Gun Regulation

As of late, Hillary Clinton has been spearheading a movement to ban ALL guns globally. Under the ruse of an “International Arms Control Treaty,” the schema essentially outlaws all civilian guns everywhere. Effectively, all civilian gun owners will be required to relinquish all their firearms (even including antiques and collections solely for personal display) where […]

Letter To The Editor

“My roommate is a statist, hates marijuana (as do I, but HE thinks it should remain illegal), and thinks that keeping the standard of life high outweighs personal and economic liberties. What do I say to him?” -Dan Dan, you pose a good question. Let me address each point individually: 1) People who are Statists […]

Items of Importance 2012- Gary Johnson comes to UT on his College Campus Tour

This past Monday, 9-24-12, Libertarian Longhorns hosted “The Rally for Job Opportunities and Diversity” to an energetic, wide-eyed and eager audience of eight hundred people, featuring keynote speaker and Libertarian Presidential hopeful Gary Johnson (as well as decorated Iraq War Veteran Derrick Marble, A representative from the LIBRE initiative (helping Latino and Hispanic communities prosper […]

Items of Importance 2012- Influencing Others to be Libertarians

Recent surveys show Gary Johnson, the 3rd party Libertarian Candidate, polling in at around 8% nationally. During the infrequent, few-and-far-between instances that national news dedicates to talking about this up and coming candidate, the pundits are quick to mention that Johnson is simply ‘stealing’ three votes from Romney at the rate of every one vote […]